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Simplifying Financial Decisions For Over 25 Years. Building Trust And Confidence.

About CGL

Capital Gains Limited will work with you and your existing advisors to fully understand your financial situation; your present and future objectives and, once analysed in detail, provide advice on the most appropriate way to meet those goals. Utilising powerful computer software, advice may be given on the most suitable fund managers to invest with from the market as a whole.

Making The Most Of Your Money

Desiderius Erasmus said, "Prevention of financial hardship is better than cure". The benefits of professionally assisted financial planning could be felt now and in the future for you and those important to you.

Our aim is to make you excited about what your money can do for you in achieving your financial goals. By providing fully personalised and creative solutions we ensure the strategy employed is tailored to your individual circumstances. Delivery of the service you desire at the speed you require is our goal.

How can you be sure that your present wealth is adequately protected and growing at the optimum level? In a fast changing world it is only prudent to put plans in place in order to achieve personal/business goals and avoid unforeseen hazards.


Investment Planning.
Asset backed investments have regularly outperformed deposit based products over the medium-long term. Although, past performance is not necessarily a guide to the future.
Retirement Plans.
Few workers can rely on full employment until age 65.
State funded benefits are under constant pressure and review.
Average life expectancy currently for men 79.55 years and 83.2 for women as at 2013/14 UK Statistics.
In an era of individual choice and empowerment the burden of providing for ones’ future and the financial security of the family rests firmly on the shoulders of the individual.

Business Owners

Providing financial security during your career.
Taking the time to plan the sort of financial future you and your employees deserve will add value to your business.
Including employee financial planning considerations within existing business strategy may save you tax and national insurance costs and clearly illustrate your commitment to the financial well-being of your staff.
Planning an exit Strategy.
Given the numerous financial issues for business people; putting succession plans on paper and taking independent advice on the taxation consequences can provide clarity and financial peace of mind.

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